Posted by: Paprika | 02/22/2009

6/49 superlotto results tonight – 2 jackpot winners! – are you the lucky duck?

Tonight’s PCSO 6/49 Superlotto jackpot prize swells to P347,836,903.20. This is the biggest prize ever in the history of the Philippines lottery. Everybody wants to win,  including me, my husband and of course my Nanay. She even texted me this afternoon, asking me to place a bet on her 6 numbers combination. Hoping for a biggest change in our life, he he he…. I have watched the 6/49 superlotto draw tonight…actually I waited for it.  And finally…at long last….there two lucky jackpot prize winner for tonight’s draw. Hindi po ako yun!

Anyway here is the winning combination for tonight’s draw. Get your ticket and compare now. It might be your lucky day!

[6/49 supperlotto / February 22, 2009] : 6 – 34 – 20 – 26 – 12 – 33

So…Any luck???


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