Posted by: Paprika | 02/21/2009

no adsense on hosted blogs. sorry!

hah!!! I still can’t figure out how to  totally control my blog… but look, I was able to put my own image header,  yeheyyy!!! congrats to myself!

I wanted to put sana some google adsense, pero nde daw pede! hmp!!! ayaw ni wordpress eh!  Adsense is not allowed on hosted blogs, FAQ told me he he he… But if you purchase an upgrade to your account, you’ll be able to shut off their own ads and put your own… this is because they need to earn revenues from their own ads to continue giving us good and quality services.

No Adsense, No Revenue, No kwarta! Yun na!


  1. hi! how about, pwede ba tayong maglagay dun ng adsense? plan ko sanang idevelop iyong ibang domains ko and i’m thinking of using wordpress sana pero hindi pala pwede ang adsense?

  2. Hi Lily, opo, pedeng pede po sa, kasi sariling domain mo na un eh, and you are totally in control with the website.

  3. Yes, Blogger/Blogspot makes putting AdSense up VERY EASY but are you getting hits at your site on Blogspot? The WordPress community really seems to link each other up with TAGS and POSSIBLY RELATED POSTS links!!!!

    There is just so many more better things with WordPress, that I’m thinking about returning to WordPress and upgrading to my own domain name so I can still be a part of WordPress but able to put up Adsense!

    Too bad WordPress not more simple for Ads! Good luck to you!

  4. It’s not Malaysian. It’s definitely pinoy. Kababayan! 😉

  5. kababayan!! he he he…

  6. “sayang” sounds Malaysian. Na visitors? One idea is to post on craigslist with something that drops a link for your blog. Guaranteed 50 – 250 unique visits per city. Don’t be surprised if your post is flagged and removed. It’s definitely worth it, lol !!

  7. this is because, during ancient times, according to history the first people who discovered/arrived the Philippines islands are malays and indones, that’s why our dialect is somehow similar to the malaysian native language.

  8. that looks like Malaysian to me! 🙂

  9. kaya pla wala akong nakikitang mga adsense sa mga wordpress na navivisit ko.. dapat magsisign up ako sa wordpress ngaun. pero thanks to u nalaman ko na wala palang adsense d2 ..haha! balik blogger na lang ako 🙂 hehe, thanks!! 🙂

  10. to christian, thanks for dropping by d2.
    yun nga eh, dapat nga sana nagbasa muna ako ng FAQ, support and everything about, sayang yung traffic ko d2 sana dun na lang sa blogger site ko, kaso nga deleted na yun, when i’ve found out na wala nga adsense dito, plus bawal din magsubmit ng blog sa mga paid blogging site, ayun balik blogger ako he he he. pero continue ko pa din 2. sayang eh! marami na visitors.

  11. Exactly. This is why I abandoned my WordPress blog and started a new blog on,

    It’s a pity, because I like WordPress other than the fact they do not allow Adsense. Maybe ads are not even a good idea for 99% of all blogs–I don’t know, I’m a novice. But I would like to decide that for myself.

  12. yes, i’m a bit disappointed, you can’t even submit your blog to any paid blogging site. but i still like despite the many restriction. the templating system is awesome! well…i’m back to too. hey i like you blogger site.

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