Posted by: Paprika | 07/24/2010

The F.O.B. Shop – ur online boutique!

I just open my first online boutique selling a few brand new item! Cute tees for teens and a few corporate blouses! All items are on hand and ready to pack!




Posted by: Paprika | 04/07/2010

just bought a new PC today!

woah… lovely! ha ahaha… fruit of my labor and hardship! yey!

Posted by: Paprika | 03/08/2009

aral mula sa pelikulang “baler”

today, as i was checking my blog stat here on wordpress, i saw this keyword on my daily search engine terms – aral mula sa pelikulang “Baler”, obviously, the person who was trying to used the term found my blog, he he he he. actually, i have never watched the movie, nde po kc ako fan ng kahit na sinong artista sa nasabing pelikula. kaya wala din po ako maseshare tungkol d2. but i’m proud na napansin nila ang Baler para gawan pa ng pelikula, di ba naman sa dami ng bayan sa lalawigan ng Aurora, Baler pa ang napili nila. ibig sabihin lang po na ang minamahal natin na bayan ng Baler ay talagang may naiambag at umukit ng pangalan sa buong kasaysayan ng bansang Pilipinas. kung tutuusin, isa lamang itong maliit na lugar sa bandang silangan sa may baybayin ng dagat pasipiko. Ngayon ko lang po napagtanto na ang bayan na Baler po ay isa sa mga makasaysayang bayan sa buong kapuluan ng bansang Pilipinas, kaya ipagbunyi po natin ito.

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i’ll be away for a few days..

health reason…

Posted by: Paprika | 02/27/2009

calling all taga brgy. reserva baler aurora

hello po sa inyo. kumusta nmn po kau ngayon?

kung sino man po ang nagnanais na maging author ng blogsite na ito, paki message lang po ako, basta po tiga-reserva po, yun dun sinilang at nagkaisip. simple lang po ang paraan

:-magregister lang po sa tapos, i-message lang po ninyo ako d2 kung meron na, free lang po ang account d2 sa (take note iba po yung>may bayad po d2 :P)

yun lang po.

Paprikas kooky world has been move to blogspot

Posted by: Paprika | 02/26/2009

i’ll be moving this blog to blogspot

my dreams for earning extra cash from blogging came crashing on me today!

first: no adsense on wordpress

second: i cannot submit my page to any paid blogging site!

arghhh!!! so i’m moving! sorry guys!!!


i am retracting what I just said above. this account will stay, but paprika’s kooky world is moving to blogspot. this will be Reserva’s account and everyone from Reserva can contribute.

Posted by: Paprika | 02/25/2009

AdBrite captcha code suxs!!

i have tried creating a publisher account at AdBrite, but their captcha really suxs!!! i’ve entered it a 100 times but to no avail!…wtf!


gudnyt everyone!

Posted by: Paprika | 02/24/2009

my wordpress is now google verified

Ever since I started blogging, I always submit my blog site to google or sometimes yahoo for indexing and pagerank. Submitting your site to google and other popular search engines is the most effective way of getting more targeted traffic to your website, without spending a dime for advertising.  I am very particular about search engines, and I only submit my site to google because it can dig deeper into my website promptly and easily. Yahoo always keep me waiting for days. At google, you don’t need to submit every single page on your web site,  just submit the home page and goolgebot will take care of the rest. There are other search engine where you can send your site, but google is most recommended. Hey, I have found a cool site that will tell you more about google and everything it has to offer, check out the site, it’s called googleguide. Or you may want to educate yourself more about getting listed in google and other popular search engine, visit hobo. It will tell you everything!

Now go back to my wordpress blog being google verified, he he he… As I have said from my previous entry, I’m a new wordpress user and I’m not yet well-versed in using the wordpress dashboard. So getting my blog google verified was a struggle. Because I don’t know where to put my verification code. I do not have any access to the index.php/html/css  whatever of my site. My site is wordpress hosted blog, so only wordpress can access those files. All I can access is my dashboard, how am I supposed to add the meta  tag  or even upload the .html file? So I asked Mr. Google to help me and started digging the www planet looking for ‘how to verify my wordpress’ blah blah…

Finally!!!! after hours of rummaging through the internet, my instinct guided me to find the forum section of and there I found what I need to do to get my blog google verified. What a charm!?!

The instruction is so easy and I have it copied here word by word, just in case your too lazy to have one more click to go there.

How do I verify my site with Google?

You can verify your site with Google Webmaster tools by following the steps below:

  1. Log into your Google account through the Webmaster Tools Page.
  2. Add your site
  3. Go to the Statistics tab and click on the link that says verify.
  4. In the web master tools section select “Upload an HTML file” as your method of verification.
  5. Create a new Page (not a Post) and use the code they give you as the title. Example: google4f645e3adsdaa48g3a41z.html
  6. Click to publish your Page
  7. Ask Google to verify your Blog.

Just that, it worked for me.

Now what?

next is add your SITEMAP.

You don’t need to create a sitemap because have already do that for you.  And is already available to every search engine, like google, Yahoo, MSN, and others.

Your sitemap is: Go check it out.

Mine is: :p

That’s all for tonight. Oh by the way, to my happiness, I also created a lens about  wordpress hosted blog  google verification


Goodnight everyone…tomorroww…

Posted by: Paprika | 02/23/2009

goodnight today, it’s time to retire for bed

hay…it’s 9:00pm and i’m still facing a blank text module… and i’m tired and feeling sleepy! i can’t think of anything to write. just goodbye today, it’s time to retire for bed. another good today has pass and I’ll be meeting another today, tomorrow. I hope tomorrows today is much better than you today! goodnight today!

gets mo?

Tonight’s PCSO 6/49 Superlotto jackpot prize swells to P347,836,903.20. This is the biggest prize ever in the history of the Philippines lottery. Everybody wants to win,  including me, my husband and of course my Nanay. She even texted me this afternoon, asking me to place a bet on her 6 numbers combination. Hoping for a biggest change in our life, he he he…. I have watched the 6/49 superlotto draw tonight…actually I waited for it.  And finally…at long last….there two lucky jackpot prize winner for tonight’s draw. Hindi po ako yun!

Anyway here is the winning combination for tonight’s draw. Get your ticket and compare now. It might be your lucky day!

[6/49 supperlotto / February 22, 2009] : 6 – 34 – 20 – 26 – 12 – 33

So…Any luck???

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